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The Hottest Virginia BeachBars

  1. Clutch Bar and Grill Check out this biker bar.Add a description for Clutch Bar and Grill
  2. Blue Turtle Check out this restaurant.Add a description for Blue Turtle
  3. Cap'n Ron's Bar & Grill Check out this neighborhood bar.Add a description for Cap'n Ron's Bar & Grill
  4. Gosport Tavern Check out this tavern.Add a description for Gosport Tavern
  5. Abbey Road Pub Check out this pub.Serving VIrginia Beach since 1982! We have over 100 different types of beer including many international brands. Check out our drink specials and weekly food specials.
  6. Scandals Restaurant and Lounge Check out this lounge.Add a description for Scandals Restaurant and Lounge
  7. The Beach Bully Check out this restaurant.Southern style BBQ.
  8. Finn McCools Fish House and Tavern Check out this irish pub.Finn McCools features both import and domestic beers and an authentic Irish pub experience. If you're looking for a great seafood dinner, meeting friends for a few drinks or looking for some live entertainment, Finn McCool's Fish House and Tavern is the place to be.
  9. Terrapin Restaurant Check out this restaurant.Add a description for Terrapin Restaurant

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